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Verified Trustworthiness
We go the extra mile to verify all listed managers, helping you stand out as a trusted choice for homeowners.

Amplified Visibility
Enhance your brand's presence with our in-depth profiles and customer reviews, making it easy for homeowners to choose you.

Unveil Key Metrics

We provide depth through key performance metrics like Average Daily Rate, Occupancy Rates and more. Make data your strongest selling point.

Targeted Exposure

Our platform is frequented by homeowners actively looking for professional vacation rental managers, increasing the likelihood of high-quality leads.

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CJ Stam
Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals
Blue Ridge, GA

Listing on Comparent has been a game-changer for us. We’ve seen a huge uptick in homeowner leads and just last month, we signed three new management contracts. Comparent isn’t just a platform; it’s a growth engine for property managers like us.

Steve Schwab
Scottsdale, AZ

Our industry has been begging for transparency and performance metrics that homeowners can trust. Comparent delivers that, and as a result, we’ve been able to close deals with homeowners who are serious and well-informed. It’s truly a win-win.

Travis Wilburn
Stay Charlottesville
Charlottesville, VA

Comparent has revolutionized how we approach new homeowners. The homeowner reviews and metrics give us credibility right off the bat, and we’ve converted leads at a rate we never thought possible. If you're not on Comparent, you're missing out.

Lino Maldonado
Scenic Stays
30A FL

We were skeptical at first, but within weeks of listing on Comparent, we started receiving high-quality leads that converted into long-term contracts. The platform does what it promises: connects you with homeowners who are actively seeking reputable managers.

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